While I was at Burning Man a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to camp alongside the team responsible for launching a monstrously impressive white, light-up, fire-breathing dragon art car, named Elektra. Peter Platzgummer was the project manager for the creation of this desert beast which took 2 years to make and involved over 40 artists, designers and fabricators. Peter has a PhD in Political Economy and now manages large scale art creation for a company called Engineered Artworks out of the Bay Area. | Featured song in this episode is "Storms" by Vancouver based Louise Burns.


Peter Platzgummer had just finished his Ph.D.in Political Economy in Switzerland when he felt the need for a more hands-on job. Since then, he has managed multiple large scale art projects (with full-time staff or volunteer-driven) for Burning Man and beyond. Peter likes to cook for friends, appreciate other people's art projects, and the inevitable shitshow that comes when you bring a brand new high-tech project into a hostile-to-everything environment such as the Black Rock Desert.