Beatrix (Trixie) Burneston is the founder of Vive La Renaissance! An artist, cabaret performer, writer and exuberant personality who hails from the weirdo capital of the world— Baltimore! After a decade in NYC, she is now based in Los Angeles. As a pioneer and champion of outsider art forms, Trixie has spent her life creating community through creativity. By elevating artists and revealing how the creative process works to the broader public, Trixie hopes to increase the power of art to change the world for the better. You can find out more about her here.



Sean Finn is the technical wizard of this podcast. More will be revealed about him later, but for now, you should know that he likes sailing, rum, sarongs and has a crazy long goatee that looks like a tornado. Also he was a violin prodigy.


These individuals inspired this project and must be acknowledged!

Burgundy Brixx was Trixie’s copilot the when the idea for this podcast was taking shape and without her support, encouragement and amazing advice, Vive La Renaissance wouldn’t exist.

Douglas Rushkoff and his book Team Human illuminated the path that joined creativity, community and collaboration together and suggested that a Renaissance was the tonic for these troubled times.

Gordon White and his podcast on magic, culture and the paranormal, called Rune Soup, is endlessly revelatory for Trixie and she hopes to one day visit his perma-culture farm in Tasmania.